Why Rep Channel Management?

We Can Get You Into North America Key Accounts

Whether your Product Company is based in the United States, or any other country, we can help you penetrate and establish a North America market presence.

Our company has business relationships with hundreds of technical sales companies across North America and, in fact, many are already under contract with us. Given our ability to choose from this long list of sales companies we can pull together a "dream team" based on your geographic, technology, market segment, and target account needs.

We'll launch your product North America-wide, work with you to establish a presence in the marketplace, leverage our key account contacts, grow your company's overall market visibility, and establish a sales pipeline leading to your first orders.

An Effective and Economical Solution

To better focus on their core competencies, most Product Companies are now outsourcing as many functions as possible as an effective and economical way to perform many common operational functions like security, payroll, human resources, purchasing, and manufacturing.

Following this trend, Product Companies worldwide are choosing to outsource all, or a subset, of the sales function to third-party sales channels like Rep Channel Management.

Third-party, professional, technical, sales people who are not on a Product Company's payroll and don't generate any overhead cost; Sales people who don't require a company-paid, high-cost, multi-level sales management structure; Sales people who don't get paid until they actually sell something, are now more than ever becoming the choice of top Product Companies worldwide.

Performance-Based Compensation

One of the main driving factors is the performance-based compensation model that, by definition, is alive and well within our company. There is no guaranteed base pay. Zero results equal zero income and also equal zero expense to the Product Company. Sell more and make more.

Our Sales Reps are professional, multi-faceted, technologically adept, and efficient. And, as the Sales Rep will be quick to remind everyone, they buy thier own tickets and pay their own expenses.

Contact Us today to learn more about the benefits of trusting your sales efforts to professional, independent, channel sales representatives from Rep Channel Management.