You Should Deploy Our Sales Channel

Professional Field Sales and Marketing Services

Our sales channel partners are independent, professional, technical sales people with a minimum of 10+ years experience in the market segments and territories they serve. They handle a portfolio of related, non-competitive product lines and work within a defined geographic territory or within a group of named accounts.

Being deeply rooted in the territory they cover, they are able to manage very stabile relationships with their customers. They go to church with their customers. Their kids go to school with their customers' kids. They know the local hang outs and the local customs. All are key ingredients to success in a world where the customer is king.

Given all of these sales companies to choose from we will pull together your "dream team" based on the geographic, technology, market segment, and target account needs of your product line.

Solving Your Problems

Building a geographically diverse, applications knowledgeable, market segment focused sales channel within a product company is very expensive, time-consuming, and has a very low probability of success. It's not where most product companies excel.

The typical attempt is to take a top manager, top sales person, or even worse a Founder, CEO or CFO and task them with building the sales channel while also doing their other full-time job.

The time and market share lost during this arduous spin-up process can cost your company its life. We save you both time and money by building an immediately available, industry experienced, and proven successful North America-wide sales organization overnight.

There will be an appreciable understanding of what Rep Channel Management is all about after multiple attempts, multiple false starts, much lost time, lost market share, and collateral damage to your company's best people has taken its toll.

Synergy in Multiple Product Lines

Our sales channel partners provide even more benefit to you with the synergy of our multiple product portfolio. The synergy of multiple products not only makes it possible to cost-effectively increase market potential and market share for your products, but also increase the speed of market penetration. You'll be able to ride the coat-tails of our other Product Company Clients who are also bringing us in to see their customers.

Our sales reps have been there before with other related products. They know where to go and their diverse product portfolio helps them to call on customers too small to be profitable for a single product line. Our multiple product lines, along with the resulting multiple lead sources, will get you into more places more quickly.

Contact Us today to learn more about how Rep Channel Management can find professional sales representatives who are a perfect fit for your business.