Do You Need Market Development Assistance?

Is Your Product Ready for PrimeTime?

Not sure if your product is ready for the North America market? Do you need sales feedback now, but don't have a sales force? Do you need access to key people in the industry, but you don't have a relationship with them?

Do You Need Our Help?

Our Product Company Clients are asking us to help them build their market penetration, competitive positioning, and sales pipeline through specific business development activity.

Our Clients are also asking us to help them identify key customer contacts, target markets, target accounts, and help them further define and develop the North American market segment.

How Can We Help You?

As part of a Market Development Agreement we will assign a Channel Manager who will essentially work as a Sales Partner Manager extension to your management team. Our Channel Manager will wake up every morning with your business on their mind. How best to position your company? How best to accelerate your revenue? What kind, how many, and where are additional sales reps needed to maximize revenue?

The Channel Manager will provide a summary report each month to include Market Development activities conducted, a detailed list of identified opportunities, what is required to win these opportunities, product development feedback, price positioning needed to be effective, and other observations made.

In addition to the monthly report, the Channel Manager will develop and implement a "100 day plan" to establish immediate momentum in the marketplace. We will also send weekly CRM reports and forecasts.

What Can You Expect?

The Market Development Agreement has proven to be a very effective method of helping our Clients to fine-tune their product offerings, increase their market knowledge, build their sales strategy, establish name recognition within a market segment, and start a sales pipeline.

All of this while at the same time ramping up a sales force to take the sales activity to a whole new level once the Market Development process has kicked in.

Contact Us today to learn how Rep Channel Management can help you with your Market Development activities.