Our Team

Many Years of Successful Experience:

> We have many, many years experience building successful market development, technical sales, and professional services organizations recognized as best in the industry by many of the world's top product companies.

> Over the past decade our team members have successfully led Rep Channel Management to become one of the industry's most successful sales channel creation, partner management, and market development companies in North America.

> We have a diverse experience base including many years of success within some of the world's top product and sales companies. In these companies we were responsible for developing, communicating, and driving the sales vision and strategy for the North America market.

The Scope Of Our Experience Includes:

> Creating, inspiring and transitioning entrepreneurial start-up teams.

> Successfully designing, building, and leading a best-in-class multi-million dollar sales organization within multi-billion billion dollar companies.

> Managing cost, organizational structure, and revenue to establish a balanced composition of 50% company-direct sales revenue and 50% outsourced sales revenue.

> Creating and managing high-impact sales organizations.

We Are Well Recognized Within The Telecom Industry For:

> Building and Leading high impact sales organizations.

> Establishing and Managing channel partnerships.

> Developing and Penetrating new markets.

> Attracting and Retaining top talent.

> Exceeding ambitious sales, business development, and profit goals.

Our Team Is Well Versed In:

> Merger and Acquisition related activities.

> Organizational design.

> Change Management.

> CRM implementation.

> Lean Management Implementation.

> Executive Engagement.

> Cost of Sales reduction.

> Advanced Sales Development.

> Revenue Forecasting.

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