About Rep Channel Management

What Do We Do?

Over the past 10+ years Rep Channel Management has successfully assisted Product Companies from all over the world to establish their products within the North America marketplace.

Our Clients span the globe. They are from countries including Belgium, China, Canada, Israel, Japan, England, France, and of course from all over the United States.

Rep Channel Management has earned an excellent reputation as being one of the industry's best Market Development, Sales Channel Creation, and Sales Channel Management companies.

We'll launch your product into North America, establish a presence for you in key accounts, grow your overall product visibility, establish your initial sales pipeline, and book your first orders.

We Provide Market Development Services

By developing and executing a formal Market Development plan we provide Product Companies with a cost-effective, single point of accountability for establishing a North America-wide market presence.

Is Your Product Ready for PrimeTime? Not sure if your product is ready for the North America market? Not sure if your product has all of the minimum requirements to be successful? Do you need sales feedback now, but don't have a sales force?

Do you need access to Key People in Key Accounts, but don't have a relationship with them? Do you want to avoid the expense of employing a bunch of direct sales people and all the corresponding overhead, travel, benefits, and admin costs? You might need some help with market development!

We Provide Sales Channel Hiring and Management

As part of executing the Market Development plan we'll find, screen, hire, contract, train, and at your request manage your North America-wide sales channel.... or we can hand it off to you at any point in the process.

While some of our Product Company Clients are based in North America, we actually specialize in Market Development and Sales Channel Creation & Management for Product Companies outside of North America.

Rep Channel Management provides Product Companies world-wide with access to the North American marketplace. We first establish a Market Development Agreement and a Sales Channel Creation & Management Agreement with each of our Clients.

Our Clients first engage us to build their market penetration, competitive positioning, and sales pipeline through specific market development activity. In parrallel, our Clients also assign us with the responsibility of selling their products across North America.

We Are A Business Partner For Both Product Companies and Reps

We provide value to our Clients needing Market Development assistance and a North America-wide market presence by connecting them with top notch, high performing sales professionals.

We have a wide range of experience in managing both sides of the company-direct and third-party rep equation. We have worked with Clients ranging from small start-ups with 25+ employees to large corporations with 1,000+ employees.

Rep Channel Management continues to gain the confidence of more and more businesses, large and small.

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